Ear Piercing


Our System

Safe and Gentle Ear Piercing Process

Our piercing method uses a medically-hygienic system that pierces ears in three easy steps: cleanse, mark, pierce.

Our sterile, fully encapsulated piercing earrings and safety backs provide peace of mind and the gentlest ear piercing experience possible.

Our Earrings

All of our piercing earrings are hypoallergenic and made with ultra-thin piercing posts & a finely-honed tip for the gentlest piercing possible. All of our piercing earrings are packaged in sterile, tamper-resistant cassettes. Each individual earring is fully-enclosed in sterile earring capsules to guard against exposure to potential contaminants prior to piercing.


While piercing earrings come in a wide range of hypoallergenic metals, here at gold + grace, we only used solid 14k gold earrings.


One piercing is $75 or a pair is $100. *earrings and cleaner included*

Types of Piercings

We only pierce the lobe. Whether it’s your kids first time getting pierced, or you want a third hole- we hope you’ll choose us!

Ear Piercing Authorization

In accordance with our safety and legal protocols, we kindly request that all customers interested in getting their ears pierced must have a waiver filled out. For all customers 18 years and younger a parent or legal guardian must fill out a waiver form. This waiver is necessary to ensure that both the minor and their guardian are aware of the procedure and its associated risks, and to obtain consent for the piercing. Our commitment to safety and compliance with regulations underscores our dedication to providing a secure and enjoyable ear-piercing experience for our young customers.